Halifax gets it there

Canadian Tire

Iconic retailer chooses Halifax

Canadian Tire began moving cargo through the Port of Halifax in 2005 to take advantage of direct, consistent shipping from China to Halifax. Since then, the Atlantic gateway has become an integral part of the company’s supply chain.

“Using Halifax is a competitive advantage,” says Jody Fitzpatrick, Associate VP of international transportation and operations support, Canadian Tire Corporation. “The work force is very stable, and goods flow seamlessly.”

“Diversifying out gateways helped reduce our costs and improve reliability,” says Fitzpatrick, noting that all cargo went though Vancouver before – even the 11% destined for Atlantic Canada. “We’ve never had concerns about disruptions or service.”

“Halifax is a very close-knit community. It’s easy to get things done and find the services we need,” Fitzpatrick adds.

Canadian Tire Corporation now uses a range of Halifax Gateway services, including the Port of Halifax, CN Rail, transloading facilities, trucking and the highway system. Together, they move 10% of the company’s total offshore shipments.

“Capacity is important too,” Fitzpatrick notes. “If there is an issue elsewhere, we know we can increase the volume going through the Halifax Gateway.”

“The Halifax Gateway is incorporated into our business and we don’t see that changing,” concluded Fitzpatrick.

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