Halifax gets it there

Magnussen Home Furnishings

Halifax helps achieve “on-cost, on-time” shipping

When your goal is “on-cost, on-quality, on-time, secured” shipping, your choice of routes and service providers is critical. That’s why Magnussen Home Furnishings started shipping direct from Vietnam to Halifax in 2010, soon after they learned of the service.

“Shipping through Halifax is a great solution,” says Russ Langford, Chief Operating Officer for Magnussen. “Companies who serve central and eastern Canada and the north eastern U.S. and want to streamline their supply chain, should try it.”

Magnussen sent its first shipments through the Halifax Gateway in March 2010, direct from its 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. It was a significant decision for a company committed to providing its dealers with easy, fast, reliable shipping – and the results were equally significant.

“We’ve decreased our transit time from 45 days plus to an average of 35 days for the Maritimes, Ontario, Quebec and the north eastern U.S.,” Russ says.

Magnussen finds there are other benefits, such as the bonded warehouse services they use in Halifax and the reduced congestion compared to other North American ports.

“It’s the most effective option for us,” adds Russ. “We see simpler import filings than shipping through the United States which saves us time and money.”

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