Halifax gets it there

Make Halifax a key link in your supply chain with consistent, reliable and efficient service.

Discover why Halifax has become a key link in many shippers’ supply chains using the Route Maps and Transit Time Calculator links below.

It’s not just about the on-the-water transit time that matters. It’s the total transit time that makes the difference for maximizing efficiencies in your supply chain. While it may seem quicker to route Asian cargo, for instance, to the west coast, port congestion, terminal and rail dwell, and inland rail or truck haul are all factors that eat away at any initial on-the-water time savings. And, by choosing a direct call, same-vessel routing one can also eliminate trans-shipment delays often found at intermediate ports.

Check out the links below to see how Halifax can deliver for your supply chain.

route map calculator

Route Maps

Strategically positioned as the first westbound North American port-of-call from Europe and Southeast Asia via the Suez, Halifax gets it there two days faster than any other east coast port.

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transit time calculator

Transit Time Calculator

See how Halifax’s geographic advantages, reliable labour force and connections to inland markets can take days off your total transit time and add consistency to your supply chain.

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ocean transit times

Ocean Transit Times

Compare the ocean transit times for Halifax’s direct-call ports with the ports of Montreal, New York and Vancouver.

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Check out the many direct-call services Halifax has with ports worldwide.

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container tracking

Enhanced Container Tracking

Track the status of import containers from vessel discharge through to arrival at CN’s inland intermodal terminals.

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Freight Forwarding

Service Providers

Comprehensive listing of Service Providers serving the Port of Halifax.

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daily status report

Daily Status Report

Receive a daily email showing current vessel berthing information at Halifax including ETAs and ETDs and berth assignments.

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